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WIN-Compilation: Bonus-Video „Some More WINs #3“

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Im Mai gibt es gleich zwei Feiertage – Christi Himmelfahrt und Pfingstmontag.

Das nehmen Martin und Maik zum Anlass, uns mit einer Sonder-Folge der WIN Compilation zu verwöhnen. Es gibt das Bonus-Video „Some More WINs #3“ mit sage und schreibe 74 Clips.

Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!

Wie immer auch hier die Liste der Videos in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

1 . Chihuahua Balances on Owner Feet as He Handstands on Hoverboard
2 . Double Bounce Ping Pong Trick Shot
3 . Professional Billiard Lands a 7 Rail Trick Shot in Heart-shape
4 . Trucker Plays Pirates of the Caribbean on Horns Chased by Police
5 . Girl Juggling Three Hats on a Unicycle!
6 . Boy Lands a Football Kick From Outside a Basketball Field
7 . 8 Dogs on Omegle Got Paired With a Guy and His Cat!
8 . Cat Joining Owner in Throwing It Back
9 . 4k Footage of Milky Way Time Lapse at Campsite in South Africa
10 . A Highline Stately Walk In Manley Beach, Australia
11 . Man Works Out A Smart Trick On A Woman To Give Her A Flyer
12 . Skateboard Handstand With a FingerFlip
13 . Street Artist’s Dog Is the Best Cash Tips Collector
14 . Man Balancing On One Arm With Weights on Other Hand and Leg
15 . Flagman Dancing and Enjoying His Job Spreading Positivity
16 . Hamster Running Around Trying Out All the Activities in His Play Area
17 . Little Parrot Loves Dancing On His Dad’s Shoulder
18 . 4.7mm Ball Bearing Juggle Catch In 5mm Metal Straw
19 . A Funny Cockatoo Hysterically Laughing
20 . A Harley Powered Milkman Car Donut Drifting
21 . A Ping Pong Hydro Flask Trick Shot!
22 . A Smart Toddler Is So Happy And Proud Of Herself
23 . Adorable Dog Plays the Xylophone Then Receives a Treat
24 . A Man Paragliding Above the Majestic Clouds
25 . Aerialist Smoothly Performs A Magnificent Hair Hanging Combo
26 . Baby’s Delightful Reaction to His First Ice-Cream
27 . Backhand Disc Golf Far Trick Shot
28 . Bored Guy in Quarantine Lands an Amazing Golf Trick Shot
29 . Boy and Girl Doing a Volleyball Challenge on Waveboards
30 . Boy Landing a Hard and Unique Soccer Ball Trick Shot
31 . Double Cups Ping Pong Calculated Trick Shot
32 . Firefighters Magically Getting Lots of Cones Out of a Flat Bag
33 . Girl Enjoys Her Break by Juggling Rings While Drinking Water
34 . Girl Laying On Her Back Juggling With Both Hands and Legs
35 . Guy Beats The Wolt App By Using An Electric Whisk
36 . Guy Juggles Soccer Ball Landing It in Hanging Tire Back Turned!
37 . Girl Juggling Clubs While Hula Hooping With a Mouth Stick!
38 . Girl Landing a Three Pointer With Her Back Turned
39 . Girl Laying on Her Back and Juggling 5 Balls on Both Hands and Legs
40 . Going Down a Water Slide in Style
41 . Guy at Home Lands Golf Trick Shot
42 . Guy Pulls a Full Planche Push Up While Girl Stood On His Back
43 . Guy Juggling a Golf Ball While Balancing On a Slackline
44 . Guy Landing Card Trick Shots Between Ping Pong Balls
45 . Guy Puts On A Entertaining Show With His Partner, Juggling Clubs While On A Balance Board
46 . Guy Lands a 360 Heel and Spin Half Court Trick Shot
47 . Guy Lands a Rainbow Flick Trick Shot in Basketball Net
48 . Guy Lands a Hockey Trick Shot on Ice Hockey Rink
49 . Guy Lands a Ring on Handle While Throwing the Axe at a Target Board
50 . Guy Nails Football No Look Backheel Trick Shot in Basketball Net
51 . Guy Rides His Bike Around The Mall And The Underground When The Parks Are Closed
52 . Guy Skillfully Lands Bouncing Basketball Trick Shots
53 . Guy Smoothly Drove His Boat Up A Dock
54 . Guy Stacks and Flips Cups in 7 Seconds!
55 . Kid Tries to Pet a Cute Dog but Gets Surprised With Another
56 . Man Balancing On Ladder and Juggling In Driveway
57 . Plate Spinning Juggling While Hula-Hooping on Unicycle
58 . Man Flies Around A Warehouse, Hanging From An Industrial Hook Like A Superhero
59 . Man Lands a 3 Pointer in Style With His Back Turned
60 . Parrot Relaxing In Inflatable Donut in a Glass Tray With Water
61 . Performers Rehearsing Juggling Rolla Bolla Plus Aerial Teeth Hang
62 . Ping Pong Double Trick Shot on a Stand and a Hair Dryer!
63 . Precious Retriever Loves Sliding Over Slushy Snow
64 . Preciouses Dog Helping His Mom Do Some Leg Raises
65 . Man Juggling Fire Torches While Riding a Unicycle in the Street
66 . Guy Scores A Basketball Shot Without Looking, When His is Friend On His Shoulder
67 . She Didn’t Expect This Unboxing Her Husband’s Valentine Gift
68 . Sweet Dog Follows Owner Lifted Signs While Enjoying Treats
69 . Talented Guy Juggles A Pen And A Pea Seed And Sticks It On Top
70 . Man Spins Hoops, Juggles Clubs And Stands On Balance Board All Lit Up With Fire
71 . Sweet Dog Morning Frisbee Training With Owner
72 . Sweet Dog Pushes His Dog Sister Around On A Wheelchair
73 . This Adorable Akita Dog Is The Groom’s Best Man!
74 . Over 100000 Starlings Amazing Aerial Display at Dusk

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