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Bonus Win-Compilation – Some More Wins #6

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Das kam überraschend. Mitten im Mai servieren Maik und Martin eine Bonus-Win-Compilation und das sorgt sicherlich nicht nur bei mir für Freude.

Vorhang auf! 60 Clips in zwölf Minuten gibt es zu sehen und ich wünsche viel Spaß beim Schauen.

1 . A guy pulls off a great flip on a scooter
2 . Today was amazing! Thanks everyone for the follows, shares, likes and comments. Cheers!
3 . Evolution of playing the Laundry Machine… (via)
4 . One hand lift-up
5 . Clever crow outsmarts TWO turkey vultures with ONE move (via)
6 . Badu sings the blues #cat (via)
7 . Spaghetti Ears (via)
8 . Pointing with a tape measure
9 . Square-Wheeled Tricycle (via)
10 . Replacing a lightbulb with a drone
11 . I know I shared the pictures, but I never shared the video. One of my coolest dad moments ever❤️ (via)
12 . (sweets drawer organized) (via)
13 . Paper pull-outs (via)
14 . When it looks impossible to get out this (tight parking spot)
15 . Doggo is a better goalie than most prem league gks
16 . Door Does Impression of Miles Davis (via)
17 . Painting made to appear as if it were a cut out project
18 . Welcome to Cony Hawk (via)
19 . The folding process of origami Samurai Warrior (via)
20 . He would beat Darth Maul easily
21 . A Roomba that CAN FLY! (via)
22 . Peter Bastian is playing a straw like a double reed instrument (via)
23 . Dont worry they know jokes meme stickers (via)
24 . Aaron Gwin Chainless Win Leogang 2015 World Cup DH MTB (via)
25 . I can’t get over how freakin‘ cool this is from @Wallmasterr (projection mapping pop-up book game) (via)
26 . Cute Lamb Needs Attention (via)
27 . Insane WORLDS first
28 . Lonely Backside Wheel (via)
29 . Pianist plays with all 10 fingers for the first time in 25 years with the help of bionic hands
30 . Cute chinchilla stands and holds a happy birthday balloon! (via)
31 . Cats and horses become good friends (via)
32 . Czyszczenie laserem drewnianych drzwi || Wooden doors laser cleaning (via)
33 . Guy Fist Bump Strangers for a Treat in the Streets
34 . “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” (Game of Thrones Book Art) (via)
35 . The cameraman did the deed right and we would have missed the magic had we relied on the lady. ‍♀️
36 . Surfing on High Heels
37 . IRONMAN CAT helmet (via)
38 . We’ve kindly donated our fur so the birdies can make their nests warm & cozy (via)
39 . Wow! It’s been one year since we painted this mural that went crazy viral! (Marvel Wall) (via)
40 . chipping wood in a tire
41 . Concert tour at 77N (via)
42 . Funny and skillful (Swinging bamboo brigde in China) (via)
43 . 151 domino shots #idealcocktails #idea #bartender (via)
44 . Electronic Hourglass | DIY Digital Hourglass | Arduino Hourglass | Cyber Hourglass | Gravity Sensing (via)
45 . He was BIG chillen . (via)
46 . Shoe and sock change while riding! – Stage 9 – La Vuelta 2017 (via)
47 . Ctoom telescope wood castle (via)
48 . Sword in a pencil (via)
49 . A group of people cleaned a heavily polluted river in 3 hours
50 . automata方舟 (via)
51 . One arm muscle-up. (via)
52 . Different but the Same: City in the Forest – Flip-Discs Art Installation (via)
53 . INSANE E-bike Penny Farthing – Hubless, Motorized High Wheel electric bicycle build Penn-E-Farthing (via)
54 . Water and LEGO in slow motion
55 . 親子の視点 parent and Child (via)
56 . guy in black t-shirt came in clutch
57 . Trombone Drag Racing (via)
58 . I’m so excited @eatbanza has a new product dropping tomorrow so I made this embroidery to celebrate (via)
59 . How to wrap without using tape #gift #effectivespaces #hack (via)
60 . Make A Layered Sculpture From Playing Cards (via)

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