Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im Mai 2024 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Alles neu macht der Mai – und natürlich darf auch in diesem Monat die brandneue Ausgabe der Win-Compilation nicht fehlen.

Maik und Martin servieren uns in gut zwölf Minuten nicht weniger als 65 Clips, die für jede Menge guter Laune sorgen.

Viel Spaß!

Und wie immer gibt es auch die Auflistung aller Videos in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

01. #indianajones #familycosplay (via)
02. Olvídate lo que te dijieron sobre los robot, Robotina es lo más (via)
03. So this happened! (acrobatic jump)
04. She is going to be so excited when she finds out we are going to see Madagascar the musical (girl does lion roar) (via)
05. This is genius (Be seen, grab a brick)
06. 21/04/2024 Switzerland FC Zürich fans cleaning the pitch ❄️️
07. I made FLAPPY BIRD in DUMB programs
08. Guy Surprises Girlfriend With Marriage Proposal As Volcano Erupts
09. Owner Tricking Dog to Eat Broccoli with Smell of Chicken
10. #подпишись #хочуврекомендации #репостни (tire juggling) (via)
11. tunnel vision at its best : @georgentavou (via)
12. World’s First Fire Breathing Tesla (via)
13. Nazih Assaad #mtvfootball #mtvsports (via)
14. Budgie Bird Attempts Ball-Riding Feat
15. Inline Downhill Champion Demonstrates Sliding and Braking Skills
16. Clair de lune debussy (hamster on piano) (via)
17. Skimboarding in the clouds! ☁️ (via)
18. Amazing lifehack. #food #cake #foil (via)
19. Hey can you pass me the ___? @Mamiko
20. Push-Ups with Balancing Challenge Utilizing Wood, Bricks, and Nail
21. Helpful Dog Helps Human Dad Get His Golf Ball Back
22. An unedited, typical training session with our amazing, car-driving rats! (via)
23. „Çok yalnız“ diye yorumladım… (via)
24. If you don’t smile you lies ✨ (smooth dancing) (via)
25. #神業 #スライス #包丁 (Master of Avocado) (via)
26. Goat Yoga Experience at Grady Goat Farm
27. Robot Slide Whistle Orchestrion (via)
28. Modelo chief has arrived! (via)
29. Parrot Greets Visitor with a Happy Handshake
30. Ever seen bear playing music instruments? (via)
31. Man saves a skunk from a swimming pool. (via)
32. Working Miniature Soda Vending Machine (via)
33. Sneaky snails #chainreaction (via)
34. Dubai sanat müzesinde resimleri yapay zeka ile canlandıran teknoloji… (museum art) (via)
35. Have helium, will travel (via)
36. A contortionist showing his skills
37. That was lucky
38. And the crowd goes wild!
39. Let me know in the comments what tricks you’d like to see me use in battle
40. The Pancake Table (via)
41. Anyone else only go for 100’s?
42. Un barco con una nevera. (fridge boat)
43. ARE YOU KIDDING?! DR Meadows makes a barehanded backflip catch in centerfield‼️ (via)
44. Switchパン (via)
45. Building a Robot Etch A Sketch
46. How many months or years of practice are needed to perform this?
47. 登る人と踊る人と歩く人」メイキング動画 (via)
48. HexaClock – LED Hexagon Wall Clock (via)
49. Person with Prosthetic Legs Walks Alongside Dog with Prosthetic Legs
50. Man tricks audience that he missed the shot.
51. This guy’s ability to balance this big piece of furniture is amazing
52. Take a boat and slide down the mountain.
53. Dog using fitness gear
54. Mermaids Crown made of Nordic Gold poured in Orbeez #mermaid #artist (via)
55. Flying into a new world record
56. He nailed it (Throwing trash from balcony)
57. It’s the magic of science.
58. When 2 masters of different crafts meet (nunchucks vs pizza dough toss)
59. This woman’s juggling skills are amazing.
60. I Made the World’s Fastest Pencil Sharpener (via)
61. 따끈따끈 신상 알라바스터 접시에 담아본 나의펭귄들 하 너무 예쁘다 (Rice Penguins) (via)
62. A close look at Closed Circles (via)
63. This girl is doing tricks with two yo-yos.
64. One arm Rope climb
65. Humming Birds Sucking On Nectar.

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