Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im August 2023 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Endlich ist der regenreiche Juli Geschichte und ich setze meine sommerlichen Hoffnungen in den August.

Apropos August: Martin und Maik haben die Win-Compilation August 2023 abgeliefert und etliche Perlen entdeckt.

Viel Spaß mit 58 Videos in mehr als zehn Minuten!

Und wie immer gibt es hier alle Clips in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

1 . Pool shot I hit while it was slow at work yesterday! Thought it would fit here
2 . This guy throwing cement onto a wall. (via)
3 . r/place 2023 – FULL Bad Apple!! music video in pixels (via)
4 . Replying to @Jasmine Johnson #work #hungry Wingstop Rant Metal Drums (via)
5 . Restoring a used paper (via)
6 . Bartender’s Signature Tie Stall Skillfully Performed on Camera
7 . Two Dogs Dig a Hole Under a Fence to Play Together
8 . This man created the perfect hidden hideout in his home.
9 . Emus Getting Cozy and Having Fun at a Splash Pad
10 . Be the hamster! Make your own snow cone! (via)
11 . The fastest 15 times ever recorded in the women’s 1500m freestyle swim were all set by Katie Ledecky
12 . Cat Enjoying Some Wooden Dough Roller Massage
13 . Person Capturing an Amazing Sky Filled With Bubble Shaped Clouds
14 . Parachutist Swings off an Air Balloon in a Mid-Air Maneuver
15 . Heroic Efforts to Rescue a Stranded Whale
16 . BEST rally of the TTBL-Final 2023 (via)
17 . Spectacular Huge Dog Figure Roaming the Streets During a Show
18 . Skate Anywhere Like Frozone! (Freeze and Skate)
19 . Sweet Child O‘ Mine by Guns N‘ Roses- Reimagined on the Traditional Chinese Guzheng | Moyun (via)
20 . three trains later and our new antique mirror of love is home⭐️☀️ (via)
21 . WORLD RECORD Kapla Tower Collapse (*BREATHTAKING*) (via)
22 . 5 million dollar Ollie thanks @stevenvictor for trusting me. @ferrari I think I’d be a great ambassador (via)
23 . Andotrope/Gehn’s Imager: Gehn’s Schoolroom Remake (via)
24 . A special drawing skill.
25 . The making of this flamingo hat
26 . At TranscribeGlass we’re building the world’s first all-day wearable subtitles. (via)
27 . BARBENHEIMER Took me way to long to make this outfit, but I did it! (via)
28 . Didn’t expect that sequence @Laron @Byron Eley Steele @NI (via)
29 . #kreuzberg at its best. den schwänen hier kann man auch nicht mehr trauen.
30 . Bear in a flying sauser #bear (via)
31 . cutting a paper with this thing called ‚gyro-cut‘ (via)
32 . This spare is cooler than any strike ever
33 . Firefighting drones in testing phase. Could be excellent idea for high rise buildings (via)
35 . Grass chair 6 months in the making (via)
36 . Happy to share with you the second artwork of my latest diptych ! (via)
37 . I made a Typewriter out of Drums! (via)
38 . Hard work always pays off…
39 . This just excited me (6 person foldable camping chair) (via)
40 . This gaming station built with a Kuka industrial robot.
41 . Incredible flexibility of this dude
43 . Passion goes a long way
44 . Picking up trash has never been this fun. (via)
45 . Smallest micro drill in the world. Homemade (via)
46 . Thayers BMX Dirt Best Trick: TOP 3 | X Games California 2023 (via)
47 . Hungry Staffy #staffy #bluestaffy (dog licking pizza through hole in box) (via)
48 . It’s really cool to see stranger creatures. (via)
49 . The calm before the storm… juggling (via)
51 . We cut a car in half and drive to town (via)
52 . Watching football with a view
53 . Pogacar #Tdf2023 #ciclismonaespn (via)
54 . World’s fastest Shopping Kart Hits the Streets! (via)
55 . [GOAL] 대한민국 2-1 아이티 (via)
56 . When the yoyo doesn’t even need to be connected
57 . This wireframe car looks like a digital model but it’s real and made from actual wire (via)
58 . Lady Uses a Drone to Capture the Beauty of a Pink Lake

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