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Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im März 2023 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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In diesem Monat bin ich extrem spät dran mit der Win-Compilation.

Und damit habe ich eins gemeinsam mit dem Creator-Duo. Denn Maik  und Martin sind im März auch erst am 9. Tag des Monats mit ihrer Clip-Sammlung an den Start gegangen. Schwamm drüber, das passiert – und manchmal gibt es Wichtigeres.

Ein ist aber auch klar: die Qualität der Videos hat nicht darunter gelitten. Viel Spaß mir 36 brandneuen Clips mit mehr als sieben Minuten Länge.

Und wie immer habe ich hier eine chronologische Aufstellung aller Videos:

01. No way! (via)
02. Microscopic View of Ballpoint Pen and Other Items (via)
03. My legs were burning on that kickflip🥵🛹 #skater #ollie #fyp #foryou #awesome #fun (via)
04. Guy Chases a Fly with Cat on an Ottoman Lid
05. Playing osu! On The Worlds Largest Keyboard ft. Glarses (via)
06. Longest distance to dismount and mount a bike without using the hands – 18.69 meters by Liang Han 🚲
07. Unusual ways to use a cross-trainer #shorts #funny #gym
08. The flail axe a.k.a. The flax (via)
09. Bird Likes to Turn Tap Water on Its Own
10. Had fun making a rollercoaster in my room… (via)
11. Man Does a Parasailing Trick Mid Air
12. Diver swims with swarm of sharks #diving #sharks #shorts
13. Guy Skateboarding on a Piano
14. Rottweiler Plays with Balloon in Snow
15. Mini Magnetic Levitation Pinball | Magnet Tricks (via)
16. Elephant Puts a Flower Lei on a Girl as She Dances
17. Fingerpainting v.3.2 (via)
18. Guy Performing a Hair Hanging Didgeridoo Performance
19. “Fire phoenix” flies in the sky: a man made a phoenix kite controlled by a drone, and flew it in the sky in Shangqiu, central China�s Henan Provinc (via)
20. I turned my bed into a sled. Please don�t try this at home haha – we planned things as safe as possible! What a wild ride! (via)
21. Loving Pony Licks Sheep Dog
22. Guy Playing the Guitar While Balancing a Candelabra on a Balloon
23. Making an Infinite LEGO Domino Ring (via)
24. He is just living hist best little life 😊 (via)
25. OK, Clyde, I�ve added the helicopter noise, and you are clear for take off. (via)
26. South Padre Island Texas Kite Fest 2023 Spence Watson Indoor Stack Kites Feb 2 2023
27. Dog Skating in a Bowl
28. Sliding down an immense wavy rail on grindshoes (via)
29. Spiderman Plays Pizza Song Using His Webs (via)
30. OSHA approved bucket (via)
31. Riding down stairs – backwards – on the front wheel 🤙🏼 (via)
32. Y ahora un (via)
33. Amazing TV Series Music with Cool Instruments!
34. Reasonably Sized Ping Pong Paddle (via)
35. #costco #zatoichi #fourwhitewalls #photokitchen (via)
36. Youngman Pulls a Scooter Trick Like a Breeze

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