Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im Juli 2022 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Heiß, heißer, Win-Compilation – so könnte ich die neueste Ausgabe von Maik und Martin zusammenfassen.

Denn trotz der heißen Temperaturen der vergangenen Tage liefert das Duo wieder feinste Clips ab.

Viel Spaß mit 58 Videos in mehr als zehn Minuten!

Und wie immer gibt es hier alle Schnipsel aus der Compilation in voller Länge zu bewundern:

01. WELCOME’ by PEJAC in Aberdeen, Scotland (via)
02. Guy Bounces Ball Then Hits It Behind the Back Into a Rolling Roll
03. ティラノサウルスについての企画展を開いている鳥取市の県立博物館で、ティラノサウルスの着ぐるみを着て鑑賞するユニークな催しが開かれました。 (via)
04. Bird Grooves to “Candy Shop” Song Soon as It Plays on the Phone
05. Making Cycling Safer by Converting My Grill in to a… (via)
06. Crazy Tim Petrovic putt at the US Senior Open
07. µProto「Wipe Fake」 (via)
08. Bollards save lives AND bring immense joy and happiness to the world. (via)
10. Cockatoo Manages to Open Cookies Box on Its Own
11. Tightrope Walking Cheat Device (via)
12. Guy Lands a Long Distance and Over the Shoulder Cornhole Shot
13. Lady Surprised Her Best Friend After Not Seeing Her for 9 Months
14. Staying Dry Whilst Retrieving A Football
15. 20 years later… (via)
16. Lovely Little Boy Goes to a Donkey and Gives It a Tortilla
17. Guy Uses Snowboard as an Ice Scraper for His Windshield as POV Laughs
18. I Made the PERFECT 3D Pokémon Cards!!!
19. #stitch with @shyniece1 #lifehack
20. Boy Bounces Ball off Tiles and Into a Cup
21. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 (via)
22. Check Out This Goat’s Enormous Ears (via)
23. Lego Motorcycle Suspension Testing Device (via)
24. Skilled Boy Lands a Buttercup in Big Bowl on His Scooter
25. Parrot Uses Facemask as Hammock (via)
26. Birds Waiting for Their Turn to Get Kissed by Dad as He Calls Them by Their Names
27. Hardest TRICK SHOT EVER!🤯
28. Testing Ball-Shaped Wheels on an Omni-Directional Vehicle (via)
29. Woman Reunited With Her Friend After 3 Years Apart
30. A moment of cuteness in Paris (via)
31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PUPPERS! And all June birthdays too 🥰🤗
32. Can Surfer Avoid Hitting All 25? (Opening Scene) – Uluwatu (via)
33. Flying A Manta Ray Drone At Drone-Con (via)
34. Dreier mit dem Fuß (via)
35. How to tie a scarf GIF (via)
36. Chocolate Snail! (via)
37. Das heutige #Antidepressivum wird präsentiert von: Blubberdoggo
38. If The Floor Was Lava. Ep. 2
39. Guy Holds a Bag and Utilizes the Strong Wind to Skateboard Effortlessly
40. French Fries Guitar. Real McDonald’s guitar. I’m lovin it! / Гитара из картошки фри! Вкусно и точка! (via)
41. Sehenswertes Stromausfall-Ersatzprogramm im Ernst-Happel-Stadion: die Handy-Welle! #autden
42. Kicken auf’m Skateboard (via)
43. Dj Michelle: 2022 Technics DMC Portablist Elimination Set (via)
44. Mission: Impossible
45. Evan Nagao – 1st Place – 1A Final – 2022 US Nationals
46. Team work makes the work easier
47. Sorting a pile of plates (via)
48. Two horses having fun.. 😅
49. The real Minibar
50. Just a Normal Bike Math: 0.5 х 2 = 1 Wheel (via)
51. This girl had the whole section rooting for her bottle flip
52. My roomba rips 🤘 (via)
53. This groove machine is from 1963 & still works after some much needed oil! (via)
54. Street Fighter 2 (acapella)
55. Vulture takes a break and land on a mans foot midair (via)
56. Very happy about this.
57. Washing Machine Techno (via)
58. Guy Lands a 360 Kick Shot From the Opposite 3 Points Line

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