Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im Juni 2023 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Frisch auf den Tisch gibt es die brandneue Ausgabe der Win-Compilation.

Martin und Maik servieren uns exakt fünfzig Clips in mehr als zehn Minuten. Und auch in der Juni-Compilation sind zahlreiche Leckerbissen dabei.

Viel Spaß!

Wie gewohnt, gibt es alle Videos in voller Länge, chronologisch sortiert:

1 . The reflex of this Padel player
2 . Playful Dog’s Quirky Game of Licking and Side Eye with Owner
3 . Girl Threw Her Graduation Cap and It Landed Exactly on Top of Her Head
4 . Scratching the Surface 🧱 (via)
5 . DOOM in Teletext (via)
6 . Questa sarebbe stata la cosa più bella che avreste potuto vedere oggi sul #giro, poi sono arrivati Vaughters, Pinot e Armstrong (via)
7 . Howard Stern Plays “Fill in the Blank” With Howard Stern Impressionist Matt Friend (via)
8 . I built a motorized grill
9 . The Talking Timelapse (285 days) (via)
10 . what can i say? we share one brain cell 😂 now we share more! (via)
11 . crazy good throw by a cricketer.
12 . A Timelapse of an Active Volcano and the Majestic Sky Starry Display
13 . Kid Dancing and Skipping Rope
14 . Skilled Dog Show Off Its Skateboarding Skills
15 . I tried this so no ine else had to, & fortunately lived to tell the tale 🤯👠 (via)
16 . How the John Deere Race Mower was made (via)
17 . Beer transport with e scooter (via)
18 . 89 years old and going strong!!
19 . WORLD’S FASTEST NERF Blaster – The NERF M134 Minigun (via)
21 . Lonely Parrots Flock Together with Video-Calling Technology (via)
22 . Roadtrip in a Homemade Bike House! (via)
23 . What a moment 😍 Little Sebastien from Slavia U7 got lost during the Prague derby
24 . #Raccoon at #Dunkin proves that EVERYONE RUNS ON DUNKIN 🤣🦝🍩 (via)
26 . How the portal illusion works (via)
27 . I built this Elven Tea Machine. It can use any tea leaves
28 . Legend of Zelda Sounds 🙂 recreation (via)
29 . A cut above ✂️ @erling.haaland now holds the record for the most goals scored in a 38-game @premierleague season 🔝 (via)
30 . I LOVE skate nights and watching @dev2me surf on skates! (via)
31 . Excavator Driver Picks up a Can From a Person Sitting in a Balcony
32 . How to pimp a bike. (via)
33 . Finally – I got it 😃 7️⃣Box-Stack It took many hours and tries – can not believe I have finalley done it✊🏼✅!
34 . Lumberjack Log Roll – Round 1 (via)
35 . Fore-edge paintings (via)
36 . Now *this* is a claw machine (via)
37 . Out of this world….big Astronaut custom commission for @max_la. I can’t wait to see him installed! Picture black granite slab + water…. 🙏 (via)
38 . Their first goal btw, still can’t believe it (via)
39 . Making a Lantern Full of Fireflies (via)
40 . Super 8 on a drone (via)
41 . Steal and half court shoot🏀 (via)
42 . Tenrec takes a Sand Bath (via)
44 . The Fastest Maze-Solving Competition On Earth (via)
45 . The Pac-Man Diet (Live MIDI Art) (via)
46 . That’s a great table design (via)
47 . We Tried This IMPOSSIBLE Stunt 100 Times (via)
48 . Homemade Watch With Chess Inside! (via)
49 . Woodpecker Attempts to Build a Nest in Human’s Hair
50 . Who said wheels have to be round? (via)

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  1. Wie immer danke fürs Teilen (vor allem, obwohl dieses Mal Embeds nicht möglich zu sein scheinen, dank eines Claimers… :/ ).

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