Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im August 2022 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Passend zum heißen Sommer in diesem Jahr gibt es die achte Ausgabe der Win-Compilation 2022.

Maik und Martin haben sich von den heißen Temperaturen nicht beeindrucken lassen und liefern wie gewohnt beste Kost im Video-Format ab.

Die August-Edition umfasst satte 55 Clips in gut elf Minuten und das Werk lege ich auch wärmstens (sic!) ans Herz.

Viel Spaß damit!

Und wie immer gibt es zum Abschluss alle Teilnehmer:innen in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

01. Mustang Did a Burnout and a Big Cloud of Smoke Revealed Baby’s Gender
02. I have only good ideas. #chickens
03. Pub Choir sings ‘Running Up That Hill’ (Kate Bush) (via)
04. Stranger Things 4 | Eddie, This Is For You | Netflix (via)
05. playing “running up that hill” while running up a hill
06. #camel #georgia #hi #howareya #dromedary #baby (via)
07. What? (Crazy Football Goal)
08. For those who struggle at golf like me, I give you.. mini excavator golf ⛳️
09. A 400-year-old festival has the world’s largest walking robot (via)
10. Cat Helping Owner to Hold the Meter on the Top of the Counter
11. The Worlds Most Advanced Wheelchair! – (It Climbs Stairs!?!) (via)
12. WHY IS HE SO SMART. His little noises🥺 (via)
13. Paragliding Take Off From Back Of Van
14. Guy Throws a Basketball Over a Building and Into the Hoop After Bouncing It off the Gutter
15. We sure do love camping ☺️
16. Aus dieser Perspektive habt ihr ein #effzeh-Tor noch nie gesehen! ⚽😍 (via)
17. This Gameboy is like no other (via)
18. Double Amputee Tortoise Has A Wheelchair
19. @filippocandotti dove vai così rilassato?
20. Guy Tosses the Ball Then Kick It Into Hoop While Lying on the Ground
21. Man Walking His Big Turtle as a Smaller One Hitchhikes
22. Storehouse Big Package Getting Saved After Almost Falling off Truck Forks
23. Canny cope with her 😂! #NikeShesBallin
24. E dizem que gato preto da azar 🙄 (via)
25. You can run Doom inside (DOS) Doom, for real. (via)
26. Éteignez la lumière !!!!! (via)
27. 272km/h (169mph) on a Bicycle – New Guinness World Record 🚀 // Elias Schwärzler (via)
28. Typical Australian bathroom experience
29. The Headphones! (via)
30. ???????? 🤯 #ColdplayFrankfurt @coldplay
31. ain’t no way😭😭 #fyp
32. I Want to Break Free on FLOPPOTRON 3.0 (via)
33. A few of the axes I’ve designed and made (via)
34. aww ! Maybe he’s having a nice dream.
35. Cubo di Rubik risolto in apnea😶‍🌫️
37. Dog Wearing Googly Eyes Glasses and Chilling
38. KNIGHT RIDER WHEELS ON A TESLA! (& more) – KITTesla (via)
39. Insane behind the back catch by pitcher
40. It’s hard work yes but someone’s gotta do it #ferryman (via)
41. I spent 20 days customizing my new Xbox (via)
42. He’s having a day
43. Landing In LA, July 4th 2022 (via)
44. Appreciate that little bro
45. mini put trick shot
46. The Entertainer. (via)
47. Naa neugierig? Dann nutzt die Sommerpause und kommt vorbei um Fußball nochmal ganz neu zu entdecken⚽️😱 #battlekart (via)
48. Nerf’s new mascot Murph is wild #sdcc (via)
49. Never expected someone to go this hard on a truck simulator set-up
50. Snackle box 😎 (via)
51. Two hands draw SQUARE and CIRCLE at the same time – DP ART
52. Routing a Lego Chain Around Multiple Obstacles (via)
53. Using a Matchbox to safely and harmlessly remove Insects from the home (via)
54. when you only have one string left on bass 🙁 (via)
55. Check out this temporary bee oasis at the Hitokotonushi Shrine in Japan. (via)

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