Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im August 2021 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Die Sommerferien in Nordrhein-Westfalen sind zu Ende und damit der Abschied vom Urlaub, gaaaaaaanz viel Freizeit und Gammelei besiegelt.

Damit der Wechsel in den Schul-Modus nicht ganz so krass ausfällt, trifft es sich gut, dass Martin und Maik die Win-Compilation im Monat August präsentieren.

Es gibt 49 Clips in knapp zehn Minuten – viel Spaß damit!

Hier sind alle Videos in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

1 . Guy Lands Golf Shot Hitting It With Skateboard While Driving a Bicycle
2 . Bird Singing Rihanna „Monsters“ Like a Star
3 . Bam Bam Sticker for a client from Moncton, NB 🙂
4 . Делали так?😜 (via)
5 . Cat Climbed Her New Custom Self-Made Playground to Reach Her Toy
6 . Two People on the Terrace Under Umbrellas as It Rains
7 . Guy Bolts Through a Custom Made Challenge Track Like a Breeze
8 . Guy Sleeping On the Beach With „Flip Me When You See the Smoke“ Sign
9 . #fyr #on #fup
10 . Guy Nails the Fantastic Gymnastics Game
11 . Chicks Hop in Toy Car Before Getting Pushed While Someone Imitates Horn Sound
12 . Girl Throws a Giant Glowing Paper Airplane From the 46th Floor
13 . Guy Lands a Full Court Basketball Throw
14 . Los jóvenes son el futuro de nuestro país 😂😂😂😂 (via)
15 . $ npm install (via)
16 . 1 in a Million Bottle Flip
17 . Burned the bottom of your pizza? Don’t worry
18 . Catch taken by harleen deol yin yesterday match between Indian w and England w It was a great catch (via)
19 . Can’t Help Falling In Love. Song by the very cool @acoustictrench who you need to check out. (via)
20 . Cool Musical Sound Effects on Different Instruments #shorts (via)
21 . Chocolate Statue of Liberty! (via)
22 . Did Fernando Tatis Jr. double jump?? (via)
23 . Flight of the Bumblebee played on a Hairdryer and Melodica
24 . Golden Bathtub Rolls Out Onto A Balcony (via)
25 . Full-scale pocket Pikachu icing cookie ‖ ICING COOKIE OF POCKET PIKACHU #shorts (via)
26 . Hows this for a strike from Alessia Mazzola Our third goal in yesterdays 3 1 victory over @Treat (via)
27 . Ho-ly shit (via)
28 . I have been practicing my saxophone at a park every morning and this squirrel has become a fan. (via)
29 . Japanese basketball robot wows at half-time of USA-France game 👀 (via)
30 . Lego GBC – 05 Basketball Player Roulette (via)
31 . Lucas’s 3 pointer in the final of the 16’s Swansea 3v3 tournament Lächelndes Gesicht mit herzförmigen AugenLächelndes Gesicht mit herzförmigen AugenLächelndes Gesicht mit herzförmigen Augen
32 . Making the Endobike (via)
33 . Robot Vacuum Grabs Me a Beer (via)
34 . Piano Darth Vadar RC Animatronics by Danny Huynh Creations. (via)
35 . Spider-Man: Miles Morales Mask With MOVING LENSES! DIY (No Electronics)
36 . The Game You Can’t Fail (via)
37 . The Greatest Golf Shot in YouTube History. (via)
38 . Morphing Fractal Engraving Vise Jaws (via)
39 . The Simpsons OST (acapella) (via)
40 . The Yutani Chainsaw Trike Run. RC Animatronics by Danny Huynh Creations. (via)
41 . Water simulations running on my large flip-digit kinetic display (via)
42 . Working LEGO Bicycle (via)
43 . World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs) (via)
44 . Wow (watch more than a few seconds) (via)
45 . 【公式】新宿東口の猫、クリアな音声で喋ります (via)
46 . اى الي بيحصل دا 😲😲😲 (via)
47 . 羊毛フェルトで作る猫(茶トラ/白) “Japanese Cat /orange tabby and white “ The process of making with wool felt
48 . Johnny Cash- Ring Of Fire Gayageum ver. by Luna (via)
49 . Shepherd Gives Goats Stylish Haircuts

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