Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im Dezember 2023 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Wo ist nur die Zeit geblieben? In 19 Tagen ist 2023 Geschichte und das neue Jahr beginnt.

Auch im zwölften Monat des Jahres haben Maik und Martin wieder zahlreiche Videos für uns zusammengetragen und die Dezember-Ausgabe 2023 produziert.

Viel Spaß mit 57 Clips in mehr als elf Minuten!

Und wie immer gibt es hier alle Videos in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

01. Elderly Man and Dogs Enjoy Outdoor Fitness Equipment
02. Cwrt Rawlin FC Insane Goal H. Short from the distance (via)
03. weapon ASMR ‍⬛ (via)
04. David Attenborough is now narrating my life
05. American Saddlebred Stallion Enjoys Soccer Ball
06. 全メガネ民は試してみて【メガネを外した時の見え方】 (prescription glasses iphone shot) (via)
07. « THE BOSS » Zoom on the LEGO Paintings represent Bruce SPRINGSTEEN (via)
09. Shout out to the drummer Stan Neufeld (@stanondrums) (via)
10. Impressive One-Arm Dip on Parallel Bars
11. Guy with an Umbrella Skateboarding
12. Good morning from the Charles River… ‍♂️
13. Making a working Ski Hill for my LEGO Minifigs (via)
14. Adorable Foal Finds Peaceful Slumber in a Hammock
15. Extreme Mini Ping Pong
16. Visitando a Don luis el rey de la arepa en Jarabacoa (via)
17. Precious Child Goes down a Slide While Smiling
18. Este video es simplemente maravilloso, que triste la vida de la gente que no le gusta el futbol. (via)
19. Performer�s Balancing Act on a Rola Bolas Combined with a Ring Trick
20. Helpful Cat Supports Owner�s Sit-Ups
21. They made a house out of an old retired airplane?! Full tour (via)
22. DIY Transformer Costume for a Boy on Halloween
23. Dog Disapproves When Owner Stops His Relaxing Massage
24. I�m not a fan of scootering but this is actually sick
25. Upgrading My Invisible PC Setup
26. Special Turtle Adapting to Life and Thriving
27. Five WSL wins on the spin! | Brighton & Hove Albion vs Arsenal (0-3) | Blackstenius, Foord & Maanum (via)
28. 430. World record Tesla light show in Finland (687 Teslas) (via)
29. Cats and Dominos 2 (via)
30. Deja Vu II: astonishing spring powered kinetic art. (via)
31. “The Best Circular Bike Ever Made” 2003 (via)
32. Ice Tennis @wimbledon ?
33. Amazing walnut speaker – DIY Bluetooth speaker by walnut (via)
34. Defrosting Car With Jet Engine
35. Get The Hell Out of My House!
36. 滑步之蛇皮走位教程,學起來!! vans板鞋滑腳怪 (via)
37. Making a Swimming LEGO Shark (via)
39. Dude does an insane flip on a carnival ride (via)
40. Real Hoverboard Using Ground Effect! – Floats On Anything!!
41. The two-tone Tuesday Crazy Cruiser 1/2 VW Bus. (via)
42. Life Size Toys: Racing Giant LEGO Cars (via)
43. Caption this… We did it! Drone delivery now available at Hackamore Brewing! (via)
44. Longest golf putt – 122.304 metres (401 ft 2 in) by Jay Stocki
45. Performer: @tomoki.n113 and @alekseikushneryk @andreykushneryk (acrobatics)
46. An incredible trick by Dylan Levitt
47. I made a Self Snoozing Alarm Clock (via)
48. Who doesn�t love grilled cheese! #grilledcheese tattoo (via)
49. I�ve gone viral (via)
50. Flying across Kurios’s backstage #kurios #cirquedusoleil (via)
51. Yes you can actually play Doom on my earrings
52. How this kitten reaches for the laser
53. I moved into a new space!! (literal coffee table) (via)
55. #snowgraffiti #snowsprayart
56. FxHash Artist Bjorn Staal Utilizes Multiple Windows To Synchronize 3D Scenes
57. Bananavacuum (via)

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