Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im November 2022 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Die vorletzte Compilation-Ausgabe des Jahres 2022 steht seit einigen Tagen in den Startlöchern und jetzt gibt es sie auch bei mir im Blog zu sehen.

Maik und Martin haben uns 55 Clips in mehr als zwölf Minuten zusammengestellt und es gibt wieder jede Menge Perlen und Diamanten im Video-Format zu sehen.

Viel Spaß damit!

Und wie immer könnt ihr auch in diesem Monat die komplette Liste der Videos anschauen:

1 . “Aye Girl can you…….😏” I SNAPPED ON THIS!! (via)
2 . Why does Emily like drumming? Elephants can “hear” with their feet. (via)
3 . I will never live this down ☠️ On a scale of 1-10 how badly did I get burned? (via)
5 . Bride Goes Surfing On Her Wedding Day
6 . Ross Chastain ‚I full committed“ (via)
7 . Street Performer Balance Two Vertical Umbrellas While Juggling Clubs
8 . SLICED LIGHT (via)
9 . Music of the scalycap mushroom! Toxic but wow how pretty 🍄✨ (via)
10 . Guy Lands a Basket While Pulling a Bmx Flatland Underside Trick as Son Cheers
11 . I Made A Robot To Carve Pumpkins (via)
12 . 90 mins: 2️⃣-2️⃣ FT: 4️⃣-4️⃣
13 . Homemade Go-kart 200cc PALETTE !? (via)
14 . Abraham got to meet Jack Black and sign his favorite part to his Favorite movie “School of Rock” (via)
15 . Alternative flight simulator (via)
16 . Giant Rubber-Band Plane (via)
17 . Koka’s Self Applauding Machine (via)
18 . Watermelon floating on a river (via)
19 . so i got DOOM running inside of Notepad (via)
20 . 23 days until #halloween . Batdog is ready.
21 . Augsburger Puppenkiste be like.. (via)
22 . Building the World’s Fastest Roomba (via)
23 . Double-sided Guitar (via)
24 . The Doodle House (via)
25 . Duck Hunt for NES on World’s Smallest CRT (0.5″-12mm) (via)
26 . Finally ! I saw @yoann_bourgeois live ! Amazing ! (via)
27 . Grandma Helps a Cow Cross the Road
28 . Saxophonist Frankye Laforgue performing „In a Sentimental Mood“ beneath a bridge. (via)
29 . I built a knitting machine 😊 (via)
30 . Hey, it’s my turn…🐈🐾💄🖌️😅 (via)
31 . ‼️HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE‼️ First Cargo Bike Backflip (via)
32 . How to make a Predator Mask from CARDBOARD! (via)
33 . —Interviewer: Do you have any special skill that can benefit our company? Me: (via)
34 . A tennis racquet covered in powder hit with a ball in slow motion GIF (via)
35 . Slow oscillations on eccentric rotation. Just a bit out of sync so the layers occur slightly behind each other. (via)
36 . Reload Super Compilation (via)
37 . Stella and Mabel Share the Leaves (via)
38 . 今日のろくろ遊び。Spin Art with WhiteBoard and Potter’s Wheel. (via)
39 . I noticed an airplane heading towards the sun, so I switched from photo to video mode, and it turns out I was lucky, A380 A6-EEI crossed the sun on it’s way from #CDG to DXB (via)
40 . Swag Dog Pumping Fists with a Guy
41 . Las Vegas in Hamburg! ✨ (via)
42 . Limboing extreme (via)
43 . Tablecloth Pull Trick with a Supercar
44 . The Commodordion (via)
45 . Awesome skills. See how this person manages to throw tomatoes and buckets in opposite directions. (via)
46 . Diving on a Paint Covered Trampoline in Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys (via)
47 . I’ve installed a projector on the ceiling above my gaming table.
48 . Yeah, what @gyallikeclee said 🎯 – Spinal Wave (via)
49 . What my brother sends us last night of his kittens😻😹 (via)
50 . This guy (via)
51 . Maggie’s not bothered by the distractions! (via)
52 . Skating above the clouds in Tenerife (via)
53 . This song is called „molotov cocktail lounge“ (via)
54 . Performing a double Front Lever Walk with a friend (via)
55 . Dog Dressed as Jockey Rides a Pony

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