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WIN-Compilation – Rest of 2021

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So schnell lassen uns Maik und Martin nicht ins neue Jahr hüpfen. Denn wer gedacht hat, die WIN-Compilation Dezember sei der Endpunkt des Jahres gewesen, der irrt sich übelst.

Bevor wir in wenigen Stunden 2021 begrüßen, gibt es noch eine “Rest of 2021” – Win-Compilation der unermüdlichen Clip-Gucker für uns.

Viel Spaß mit 65  Mal guter Laune:

Und wer sich die komplette Dröhnung geben möchte – hier entlang:

01. The best table tennis table except table tennis table
02. Khaby Lame Robot
03. Guy Uses His Feet to Shoot a Plastic Arrow While Standing on His Head
04. Tear The Paper To Draw A Portrait – DP ART DRAWING (via)
05. One more time daddy!!😂😂😂 (via)
06. Smac McCreanor vs Hydraulic Press (via)
07. Soda & Skittles next level bottle opener (via)
08. monkey screams, spins and then disappears (via)
09. Мой Инстаграм – это сплошное биполярное расстройство
10. An intimate moment with strangers. (via)
11. No skis needed!🤣⛷🚀
12. Creating and hiding locking device using gravity (via)
13. #HurricaneElsa’s got nothing on the #TownOfStratford’s sanitation department!
14. ONE MAN DOES 40 ANIMAL SOUNDS (1080p_24fps_H264-128kbit_AAC) (via)
15. Dominos with bricks creates nice sounds (via)
16. LEGO Knight Cat Helmet (via)
17. Another Record Attempt (Diverse World NMPZ #5) – Juicy Detective Rounds.. (via)
18. I built a roller coaster in my yard
19. Кто с нск?🙋🏼‍♀️
21. танцор
22. Amazing Night Book Reader
23. So Brave…this fancy looking Decorator Crab is trying to appear huge & intimidating…it worked, I was terrified & quickly moved on..🤣
24. プリコネR ドローンショー1500機 上海 外灘、Princess Connect Drone Show in The Bund, Shanghai, China (via)
25. Johnatha Bastos – Sweet child o’ mine (GUNS ‘N ROSES Cover) (via)
26. I attached a camera to a brush pen… (via)
27. Glowing Air-Bubble Clock ver3A: added FFT & Synchro mode (via)
28. Bullfrog hitting the sweet spot (via)
29. I Make a Spring Doorstop Keyboard (via)
30. Moose playing on our swing set.
31. Watercolor painting meets stereoscopic animation! (via)
33. K120 1969 Volkswagen Super Bugger (via)
34. 3dprinted Animatronic wolf mask (via)
35. AlgoLoop PV (via)
36. Hammer of the screws. Damascus from screws. (via)
37. Building a Kayak Entirely out of Clear Fiberglass and LEDs (via)
38. Sergi Cadenas paintings (via)
39. Handpan ON Water 💦🛸💦 (via)
40. Home Depot Hovercraft Build / Leaf blower hovercraft (via)
41. Ice Crystallization of Soap Bubbles on Levitating Magnet (via)
42. How to cheat solving a Rubik’s cube (via)
43. How to make bike with paper- KTM 1190 RC8 – papercraft scale model (via)
44. How to sit at the skatepark when all the seats are taken (via)
45. How to make miniature room in the wall. (via)
46. I built the World’s Largest Nerf Gun (actually works!) (via)
47. I made a Guitar Hero robot (and it SHREDS) (via)
48. Man trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindly, but in a different way (via)
49. Minwook Paeng develops robot eye to help users walk while looking at their phones (via)
50. Perfect bowling game
51. Infinity Mirror Box Sculpture (via)
52. Sea Turtle! (via)
53. Selbstlob Maschine. (via)
54. Space Juggling – 3 Ball (via)
55. Tag who you want to play this with! This is great from @johnfarnworth
56. We Built A Pogo Bike And It’s Amazing! (via)
57. What’s your favorite step of your makeup routine? 👄💄 ⁣ (via)
58. When you max out your driving skill. (via)
60. サンドイッチ (via)
61. This LEGO build will blow your mind (via)
62. “An artist must suffer for the art. That’s why it’s called a PAINting” – Ongo Gablogia (via)
63. Home is behind (vocal and flute) #LOTR#homeisbehind (via)
65. Cat Roomba (via)

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  1. Bevor 2022 sein wird, gibt es gar noch das BEST OF! 😉 Danke fürs Teilen.

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