Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im Dezember 2021 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende entgegen und jetzt heißt es Abschied nehmen. Adé Win-Compilation mit all deinen Ausgaben in diesem Jahr.

Aber keine Panik – die Win-Compilation wird uns auch im Jahr 2022 wieder jede Menge Unterhaltung liefern – zumindest ist mir nichts Gegenteiliges bekannt 😉

Bevor es so weit ist, steht aber die Dezember-Ausgabe auf dem Programm. Martin und Maik präsentieren 51 handverlesene Videos in etwas mehr als zehn Minuten und ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Staunen, Lachen und Genießen:

Und wie immer könnt ihr hier in allen Original-Clips stöbern:

1 . Guy Curves Football Trick Shot From Hill Into Basketball Hoop
2 . Best party trick I’ve ever seen (via)
3 . Hot Wheels Treetop Track (via)
4 . How I beat Breath of the Wild BLINDFOLDED (Great Plateau)
5 . When They Say You Should Just Play Piano (via)
6 . GUINEA PIG Driving A Toy Car! Funny Pet Videos (Guinea Pig Cars)
7 . Meet the WIFI CONTROLLED FESTIVE MINI! 🎄 ❄️ (via)
8 . Hold my beer while I ride this bike. 🥴🍺🚲 (via)
9 . Can you improve the traditional egg timer? (via)
10 . Another dream spot! 💫 (via)
11 . Frenchie Dog Air Swimming While Held by Lady
12 . Adding sad violins to my ex’s bs apology text featuring the incredible @lindseystirling ❤️ (via)
13 . 105-year-old Julia ‚Hurricane‘ Hawkins sets a new track-and-field record. (via)
14 . Happy Playful Horse Plays With Its New Found Ball
15 . Guy Lands a Basket Through a 2nd Floor Window With a Volleyball
16 . Video shows pop-up synagogue in Ukraine unfolding like a book (via)
17 . [Miniature] DIY MINI Functional Makita impact driver, 1/12 scale , 3D printed. (via)
18 . A Machine That Can Only Draw 1 Line Patterns (via)
19 . Achtung, Mittelinie, es klappert mächtig.. (via)
20 . Can You Game on the World’s Smallest Monitor? (via)
21 . Clever Bird separates Trash from Money (via)
22 . DIY Bumblebee Transformer Costume – Homemade Transformer Costume (via)
23 . Dogs have their own mini living room (via)
24 . How to Paint a Wall in Under a Minute (via)
25 . How to Transform a PIANO into a BBQ CAR (via)
26 . Doggo Peacefully Floating in the Swimming Pool (via)
27 . I Made A Giant Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich
28 . I Created a Bizarre Musical Instrument (via)
29 . I turned myself into a Lava Lamp for Halloween (DIY costume) (via)
30 . Making Lego Car CROSS Gaps (via)
32 . laying pipe is easy (via)
33 . Marathon duck (via)
34 . Papa Stellabrates His 80th Birthday (By Jumping In The Leaves) (via)
35 . Playing banjo for a wild fox! He came back for an encore! (via)
36 . I am a real painter 🎨 (via)
37 . Num Num Cat TikTok Chain but its actually good lol (via)
38 . The self-stirring stovetop #shorts (via)
39 . Record for the Longest Catch at a Live Sporting Event – 109 Yards (via)
40 . Reverse Toothpaste (via)
41 . marker vs. eraser v2 (via)
42 . Nunspeter Henry Temmermans verricht heldendaad op A28 (via)
43 . This trick shot has NEVER BEEN DONE…until now 👀
44 . Cool Video Game Music on A Lot of Different Instruments! (via)
45 . This #streetfood vendor in #Thailand has got next level skills! (via)
46 . Stuttgart‘s trams with a special cart for bikes just made my day (via)
47 . violinist string BREAKS during Tchaikovsky (via)
48 . カム機構を使って「アナログな7セグ」の繰り上がりに挑戦してみた。~mechanical 7-seg 4digit~ (via)
49 . Life goes on and on and on ♾ (via)
50 . Metallica – Master of Puppets (Piano Cover) (via)
51 . Quand tu fais des efforts pour t’assimiler… (via)

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