Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im Oktober 2023 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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Der Oktober ist bereits zur Hälfte um und erst jetzt komme ich mit der aktuellen Win-Compilation um die Ecke.

Es war jede Menge zu tun für mich, auch wenn das nicht als Entschuldigung gelten soll: aber Arbeiten, Borussia Dortmund im Westfalenstadion live erleben und der Urlaub in der Schweiz haben ihren Tribut gefordert 🙂

Aber genug der Vorrede. Maik und Martin servieren uns 57 Clips mit in 11:37 Minuten allerfeinste Unterhaltung.

Viel Spaß damit!

Wie immer gibt es auch in diesem Monat alle Videos in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

01. No way he just UNO reversed his Yellow card #SidemenCharityMatch
02. The Immaculate Wedding Reception @loweringthebar (via)
03. There is so much good in this world, and this generation of kids make me so proud. Just a little share to brighten your day. ❤️ (via)
04. Girl Jump From Window to Trampoline Then Bounce Back to Same Spot
05. Kid is a machine part 2! (arcade frenzy)
06. Building a String Art Machine (via)
07. Lady Stands in the Background of a Tiktoker as He Streams Live
08. Lady’s Adventurous Ball Pit Slide Ride
09. Efecto fantastico (spinning a top with a string around a pole) (via)
10. A birthday song for Leo, aged 10 #ColdplayVancouver
11. Cow Joins Cyclist Platoon Mid-Race
12. Cant make it up (cat restarts automatic feeder) (via)
13. I’ve officially partnered with Baileysus to recreate a life-size bar made out of chocolate!
14. I Taught My Goldfish to Play Elden Ring
15. Street Performer in Spiderman Suit Hangs from Traffic Light
16. New World Record – from 0 to 100 km/h in 0.956 seconds (via)
17. Trainy McNeedleFace Vs The Pit (via)
18. Das gute alte Tetris, aber aus dem 3D Drucker und als Geschicklichkeitsspiel
19. Starfield Rube Goldberg Machine (via)
20. Person Relaxing on a Lazyboy Pulled by a Truck
21. Thrilling Zip Line Ride Through the Alaskan Clouds
22. Lovebird Enjoys a Ride on Top a Bolognese Bichon
24. Shooting the fastest NERF gun ever made (2560 darts per min) (via)
25. Inspiration for immersive DJ stages & VIP rooms (via)
26. Mondo Duplantis breaks pole vault world record at Eugene final – Wanda Diamond League 2023 (via)
27.  Light work (football manager with amazing technique)
28. 0% Spam 100 % Esencial Arranco Septiembre ☀️ y brota K a l a n c h o e (via)
29. Coolest trail I’ve ever ridden – hands down! An abandoned Slovenian lead mine (via)
30. De reuzen Antwerpen – The Giants – Antwerp 26 Aug 2023 (via)
31.  Still can�t get over *that* save ‍ Goalkeeper Roco Rees from #WorthingFC (via)
32. First in The World❓ (Double push-up) (via)
33. ダンボールで志村けんさんを作りました。本人まで届くかなぁ…。(carboard shadow art) (via)
34. Block’em Pop’em WoodBots ⚔️made from recycled ♻️skateboards (via)
35. Snorkeler�s Majestic Swim with a Humpback Whale
36. Discover the ever-changing world of ideas and creativity! #YouTube #trending (via)
37. Say whatever you want about New Yorkers, this is what we’re really like
38. QUE PONTO! Defedeu na primeira, mas na segunda foi vapo ⚽️ (via)
39. Golf shot of the year candidate
40. Guy’s Impressive Ball Juggling While Balancing on His Head
41. Homemade Batmobile Tumbler Using Soda Cans (The Dark knight) Save Those cans♻️ (via)
42. I Built a Bike that COOKS Pizza!! (via)
43. In partnership with a local dog rescue charity, Colombian side Atlético Nacional are raising awareness for homeless dogs (via)
44. Will you try this? (Building a staple car) (via)
45. Kid�s reflexes, catching 2 bottles at once
46. Making a monotrack bike (via)
47. Legend has it, he’s still spinning ‍ Worlds first triple flip to dirt by @richardfert  (via)
48. LEGO Painting Stop Motion – The Great Wave by Hokusai (via)
49. @nolimithandy #diyprojects (trash can made of rubbish found at the beach) (via)
50. Shadowstuff (via)
51. Taking bottle flip to another level (on stack of dice)
52. They use Electric scooters move sofa ️ (via)
53. What area did that guy just unlock???? (via)
54. What do you think of this?  (via)
55. Announcing one-of-the-kind 3D UV-Glow in the dark double-sided Kinetic Sculpture: “Superposition”. (via)
56. “Bare Necessities” with TWO Double Basses!
57. Man Feeding a Friendly Goat Some Chips

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