Ein Ostwestfale im Rheinland

Das Leben jenseits des Rheins in mehr oder weniger weisen Worten.

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Win-Compilation im September 2023 – Powered by WIHEL und langweiledich.net

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In einem pickepackenvollen September darf natürlich auch die Gemeinschaftsproduktion von Maik und Martin nicht fehlen.

Im September umfasst die Win-Compilation sagenhafte 66 Clips in beinahe 13 Minuten – das scheint mir der bisherige Rekord zu sein.

Viel Spaß mit der verblüffenden, kuriosen, lustigen und einfach fantastischen Zusammenstellung!

Und wie immer gibt es hier alle Videos in voller Länge und chronologischer Reihenfolge:

02. Playful Raccoon Loves Sliding on the Ground
03. Yeet (Peter Lenes Icehockey trick shot goal) (via)
04. Me and @jimkimble695 got free food (via)
05. Bol returns from the depths of hell to win relay gold | World Athletics Championships Budapest 23
06. Stop Motion Drawing on Paper Like iPad pro
07. NINJA WARRIOR SPEED RUN…#parkour #viral (via)
08. Daring Cliff Jump into Slide Leading to Water
09. Les supporters de FC Malaga (airport flashmob) (via)
10. Same trick, same angle, but this time at the World Championship (via)
11. Turning a Paris Apartment into a GIANT CAMERA!
12. Still at a loss for words @Riley Nagel hid this so well. (local news live proposal) (via)
13. Darts Amateur hits a 9 Darter! (via)
14. Captions this (sharing legs tricks) (via)
15. Incredible performance by this gentleman (playing guitar while tap dancing) (via)
16. Freestyle Calisthenics Dynamics training at the beach
17. Boys’s Playful Human Claw Machine Adventure for Snacks
18. Amazing animations made by lazers
19. Here it is. Captain and goalkeeper @jakebuss1 rescued a point for us last night with this stunning strike (via)
20. Painting process. Rua da Alegria. Porto
21. Guy Walks Into a Bubbling Garage While Holding Two Torches
22. Guy Climbing and Leaping from a House in a Thrilling Kite Jump
23. This guy just set a Guitar Hero world record after he full combo�d Free Bird from Guitar Hero 2 at 300% (via)
24. Three Skilled Performers Doing a Juggling Pattern With 9 Juggling Clubs
25. このような感じで動くイラストを作ってます。 (awesome paper art)
26. A wild Luca swimming through the bioluminescence @lucamartinez.fl check out all the fish swimming through the bio as Luca lights up the water! (via)
27. Baby snow leopard scares Mama snow leopard (ORIGINAL) (via)
28. Coolest paper airplane (via)
29. Drawing with a laser pointer on a record that I covered with glow in the dark vinyl (via)
30. Brincando com a bolinha na escada Dog Playing with the ball on the stairs (via)
31. Harmonitrees are huggable #harmonitrees #soundart (via)
32. I just want you all to know about the pure devastation that took place in my household. Regardless, the couple that mariokarts together stays together. ❤️ (via)
33. Dude flew from one high bar to the next
34. Had a great day at sepuvida dam and bumped into @boarderants who is incredible at #freeskates (via)
35. Flaming Motor Tuba (via)
36. Fun with Louie #quack #babies #cuteducks (duck thrown into pool) (via)
37. Just look at that! #EFL | @SwansOfficial Insane solo goal by Swansea�s Josh Ginnelly (via)
38. I HAD TO PUT THIS UP IT MUST BE REMEMBERED (couch on head while on bike) (via)
39. I had an agency ask me to recreate this video with Summer weather. (hidden wheelchair lift) (via)
40. cutest donkey and minihorse (via)
41. made a thing with paper
42. Making a dog out of wood
43. Once in a lifetime opportunity and absolutely nailed it via: @lukehatesyouall (via)
44. Ich bin übrigens Ingenieur und möchte mich hiermit bei @DrOetkerPizzaDE bewerben.
45. Seagull mission impossible
46. Perfect landing!
47. One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing inspiring artwork. This cool sculpture by the French artist @matthieurobertortis was where we stayed @seven_terraces_hotel (via)
48. Replying to @fiftycalgaming 3 pizza flips and in the oven (via)
49. Roller skate girl pulls off a forward flip while going up the side.
50. Just on his way to work!
51. Low on video quality but high on muscle flexibility! (P. S :Mute audio)
52. Roundabout bullseye.
53. This challenge (via)
54. Someone built a frontend to Reddit that looks like Outlook
55. This self-balancing homemade toy is designed with the center of gravity positioned below the pivot point, which creates restoring torque and ensures stable equilibrium (via)
56. This Bird’s a Genius (via)
57. Woman opens five beer bottles within a second (via)
58. Tシャツをパタパタする装置を作りました。(T-Shirt Fan) (via)
59. Unbelievable trick
60. #transformerstoys #transformersriseofthebeasts Paper robot transformer (via)
61. Say goodbye to those lame, old-school squirt guns Hello to these ULTRA STRONG water blasters! (via)
62. These two boys absolutely love the slippery slide. #goats (via)
63. Up the creek loving the slow mo goal celebration. (via)
64. Publiek op Lowlands gaat los op op de Negende Symphonie van Beethoven gespeeld door het NNO (via)
65. Mass Participation in Stand-Up Paddleboarding Festival
66. No ankles were broken in the making of this ⚽️✨ (via)

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